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JLCNOW creates a customer-centric mindset and generates an exceptional experience for customers. We help brands become problem aware, then solution aware with monitoring and tracking sales, listing optimizations, awareness, protection, and customer interactions with follow-ups.

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Monitor and Track the Brands Sales

We use the latest tools and software to track your brand’s sales on Amazon

Brand Awareness and Protection

Work with brand owners to help raise awareness and educate consumers on their brand while working collaboratively to protect the integrity of the brand against threats and loss of revenue

Brand Presentation and Perception

Work with the brand to improve the way they’re presented on Amazon, including their storefront imagery to create a feeling with the consumer that the brand symbolizes.

Customer Experience

Help brands become problem and solution aware while assisting with customer interactions, follow-ups, and brand growth.

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what makes us DIFFERENT

What makes different, makes us stronger. All brands have variety and JLCNOW embraces diversity and differences within their brands. We want to bring out new ideas, challenge the norm and create innovation.

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